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When a customer buys a product, he does not only take away the bought item to the home. But also, the brand name and connection towards it. In this modern world of Branding and Sales, customer service and experience with the company is of prime importance.


What is Chatbot?

Why there is a need for Chatbots for better Customer Experience?

Will Chatbots replace human agents ever?

Chatbots are cost-effective options for companies if compared to human agents. Traditionally companies hired the agents who would take the calls and converse with the customers. This would entail costs and expenses for the company. But with the help of Chatbots things have changed. These software-based chatbots are cost-effective, quick, and very easy to manage. The human agents would take long hours to pursue the customer query. But with the Chatbots now the company can handle more customers in less time. Bots can learn your business and reply your customer as per your pre-set instruction.

Durgesh Saxena

Empowering teams, driving change, and delivering results – Certified project manager, Agile practitioner, and change management aficionado on a mission to elevate projects to new heights.

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