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In this pandemic 2020/2021 COVID 19 has made ill to thousands of people. This disease is spreading fast across the world and needs to stop. In this article we will discuss the best three methods that will help you protect yourself from getting infected by COVID 19.

corona virus precaution

Maintain personal hygiene

Keep your house and work area clean

Practice Social Distancing

The best way to protect yourself and others from COVID 19 is to practice social distancing. Keep yourself away from the people and maintain the distance of one foot at least. By keeping your distance, you will not get infected and they will be saved from the infections if you are infected. The government has taken extreme measures to exhibit social distancing in the past few months by closing schools, isolating sick patients, and closing public places like parks, halls, and theatres. Don’t do handshakes and use digital means for work meetings and personal calls.

Durgesh Saxena

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